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Hello!Show Play
How are you?Show Play
Fine thanks, and you?Show Play
Fine thanksShow Play
What is your name?Show Play
My name is Sophie, and you?Show Play
John. Where are you from?Show Play
Perth in Australia, and you?Show Play
Maidstone, near LondonShow Play
GoodbyeShow Play

Next Steps

Hello, can you help me?Show Play
YesShow Play
Do you speak English?Show Play
No, sorryShow Play
What time is it, please?Show Play
Two O'ClockShow Play
Where is ... ?Show Play
Where is the train station, please?Show Play
Left and rightShow Play
Thank you very muchShow Play
GoodbyeShow Play

Simple Food

Hello, I would like ...Show Play
Hello, I would like some water, pleaseShow Play
Yes, hereShow Play
Do you have ... ?Show Play
Do you have some bread?Show Play
Yes, thereShow Play
Do you have some cheese?Show Play
Small, medium or large?Show Play
Small, pleaseShow Play
OKShow Play
Medium, pleaseShow Play
OK, hereShow Play
How much is that?Show Play
Four pounds, pleaseShow Play
Thank youShow Play
GoodbyeShow Play


One, two, threeShow Play
Four, five, sixShow Play
Seven, eight, nineShow Play
Ten, eleven, twelveShow Play
One, two, three, ... twelveShow Play
One hundred, one thousand, one millionShow Play

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